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Graston Technique

Graston Technique has been an amazing adjunct to our treatment modalities. Some common problems we treat are plantar fasciitis, tennis and golfer’s elbow as well as iliotibial band syndrome. Many patients find lasting relief from chronic problems without shots or medicine.

Kinesio Taping

Acting as another layer of connective tissue, kinesio tape is an effective adjunctive treatment for soft tissue injuries. Used by athletes and non-athletes for complaints ranging from shoulder and leg pain to specific injuries such as low back strain and plantar fasciitis, kinesio tape is ideal for anyone who wants to leave creams, gels and pills behind.

Chiropractic Manipulation (Adjustments)

We treat a wide variety of patients. Therefore we have a wide variety of techniques. Whether the patient is a football player, a football player’s grandmother or a small child, we provide the level of care necessary for safe, effective treatment

Exercise Rehab

We teach specific focused home-based exercises that can easily help reverse trends in back and neck pain. For simple intervention, trips to the gym and expensive equipment may not be needed. 

Massage Therapy

All three of our massage therapists have specific areas of expertise. All three are a cut above in their own way. Like all of our treatment modalities, the goal of therapeutic massage is to maintain and improve activity, keeping you in the game of life.

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